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A New Face in the Snakepit (13)

XIII. Trotsky’s grisly murder wasn’t the only commotion of the time for Communist fellow travelers. A few weeks before, the French had got what they had been expecting, and a lightning German offensive had tore through their much-hyped defenses, taking … Continue reading

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Azaña, voz de la razón en busca de extremistas

Los Diarios de Manuel Azaña son excelentes, y no acabo de entender por qué es imposible encontrar una edición completa en formato electrónico que permita hojearlos con tranquilidad. El contenido es apasionante, la época decisiva, y el personaje de gran … Continue reading

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Slavoj Zizek on Why We’re Building The Matrix

I don’t think The Matrix is a masterpiece. I have already written more about that movie than I should, probably. And I believe Zizek doesn’t think it’s a masterpiece, either. But he sure hasn’t written too much about The Matrix. … Continue reading

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Cómo la CIA inventó la expresión “teoría conspiratoria”

Si quieres que la cabeza de Oliver Stone reviente de furia, le puedes contar esto: la expresión “teoría conspiratoria” fue probablemente inventada por la CIA, como descalificación, para poner freno a las especulaciones sobre el asesinato de JFK. Esta, al … Continue reading

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Slavoj Zizek’s Red-Inked Letter from the Left

The Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek may be the most controversial thinker alive: on the right, he’s commonly derided as a buffoonish Communist, one described by the popular conservative writer Theodore Dalrymple as an “Ideal Fraud” who hopes for the resurrection … Continue reading

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