David Roman (the guy writing this blog)

This is my short Wikipedia bio (in Spanish); I currently edit the Substack newsletter Finanzas Políticas, also in Spanish.

Until recently, I worked for Bloomberg News in Singapore. I spent 13 years at the Wall Street Journal in Spain and Singapore, and worked in China before that. I often write about the philosophy of Slavoj Zizek, the Slovenian thinker. My political views are all summarized in this post and this one.

Me and Trump.jpg

Here I am too: https://www.amazon.com/author/aussiesta. And this is my Patreon page.

I tweet @dromanber, and — besides Zizek — in this blog I write mostly about propaganda: the way it’s used in literature, movies and the arts; the way it works. All opinions are, of course, mine. I have published three books, all novels; most recently one loosely based on the memoirs of my maternal grandfather, an officer in Spain’s Civil War losing side, who was very glad to lose that war. If you wonder why, here’s the book:

In 2018, I published my only Spanish-language novel, because if you can’t publish books in multiple languages you’re just not trying hard enough:  You can get it por aquí or en Amazon.

Then there’s my first novel, out in 2015:


You can read long extracts from Geli Hitler here, and see by yourself. Mostly, it’s about the suspicious death of Adolf Hitler’s weird niece, Geli, and the inspector who investigates the case in Weimar Germany. I hope you like it; I’m definitely open to writing a sequel, as some readers have suggested. For Los Bailarines extracts, try here. Any and all feedback and idle comments, please bring it on to aussiesta@hotmail.com.


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