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Why Slavoj Zizek Writes In Convoluted Sentences

An oft-repeated reproach to Slavoj Zizek’s writings is that he’s impossible to understand. In fact, Zizek is sometimes held as an example of a decades-old trend of academic meaninglessness; for example, in this recent article, Nathan J. Robinson shrewdly accuses … Continue reading

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De Qué Va Slavoj Zizek, en 10 Cómodos Fascículos

Durante la reciente visita a España de Slavoj Žižek, los medios españoles convocaron a diversas personalidades para explicar a sus lectores de qué va el filósofo esloveno más famoso del mundo. En general, con muy poco éxito: uno puede entrar … Continue reading

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A Zizekian View of Singapore

Given enough time, a bunch of monkeys hitting a typewriter would come up with the text of Hamlet. So the Davos jet-setter inflight magazine The Economist came up with a Zizekian description of the state of Singapore, which I will soon leave … Continue reading

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Who will be Shot in the Middle Stages of the Zizekian Revolution?

In the first half of his remarks about Henry James’ The Wings of the Dove in The Parallax View, Zizek looks at the way James uses his long, winding, unexpected style to set a scene in a particular way. In … Continue reading

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Slavoj Zizek on Why We’re Building The Matrix

I don’t think The Matrix is a masterpiece. I have already written more about that movie than I should, probably. And I believe Zizek doesn’t think it’s a masterpiece, either. But he sure hasn’t written too much about The Matrix. … Continue reading

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Slavoj Zizek’s Red-Inked Letter from the Left

The Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek may be the most controversial thinker alive: on the right, he’s commonly derided as a buffoonish Communist, one described by the popular conservative writer Theodore Dalrymple as an “Ideal Fraud” who hopes for the resurrection … Continue reading

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The Matrix, an explainer of revolutionary failures

In The Parallax View, Slavoj Zizek looks at The Matrix movies for an explanation of the failures of modern progressive movements. In his reading, the entire series–but in particular the first movie–represent a perfect description of the obstacles faced by … Continue reading

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