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Be a Bonobo Who Loves Islamic Vikings

I came across the word “bonobo” for the first time over a decade ago. This African ape, media stories explained, was the gentle, pacifist, feminist relative of the chimpanzee. It didn’t take long before even the New Yorker, hardly a … Continue reading

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Cuando Lacan Encontró a Heidegger

En The New Spectator, Stuart Jeffries se echa unas risas con el recientemente publicado libro Vida con Lacan, escrito por su ex amante Catherine Millot (ah, Francia, el único país del mundo donde las ex amantes publican evocativas memorias…). Jacques … Continue reading

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The Zizekian Horror of Spielberg’s “Ready Player One”

In a review in The New Yorker, Richard Brody obviously channels his inner Slavoj Zizek when he writes, right off the bat: Steven Spielberg’s “Ready Player One” is not a video-game-centered dystopian teen adventure but a horror film, a movie of … Continue reading

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Hollywood, the world’s top propaganda machine

The usual conservative objection about Hollywood is that it represents an unstoppable propaganda machine, sprouting progressive ideas straight into children’s vulnerable little heads. Slavoj Zizek makes good points on how that’s not exactly the way Hollywood works. But first, this … Continue reading

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A Puritan Theory of Racism

The Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek often jokes about the paradoxical nature of American progressive racism by using the example of the Native Americans. If these Americans, Native, are uniquely connected to Nature then, he wonders, does that make their remaining … Continue reading

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How Zizek’s Theory of Belief Explains Catalonia’s Conflict

I’m a Spanish citizen smack in the middle of the Catalan conflict (my father is from Barcelona, my mother from Madrid) and I’ve found that a Zizekian reading of the current conflict over the possible independence of this Spanish region … Continue reading

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How to gauge the Ruling Ideology, using the Zizekian concept of Event

This picture below depicts a curious incident, a Zizekian Event, that I witnessed Aug. 20 of this year. The photo was taken at around 1100 that day, a Sunday. As in most years, a public mass had been arranged in … Continue reading

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