Love and Mercy is a pretty decent 2014 biopic about the life and struggles of Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys. It follows the conventions of the genre to a large extent, but tries hard to be different, often successfully.

This movie has one big fault though: nobody involved in the movie watched Walk Hard, a 2007 parody of the musical biopic genre; otherwise, they would have avoided the rare distinction of being perhaps the first movie ever pre-parodied in history: that is, the first movie that imitates a parody of itself, which was made much earlier. This may sound confusing, but watch this clip, from 2014’s Love and Mercy:



And now watch a close parody of the same scene, made seven years before:



If only for this, Walk Hard should be a classic. It has a lot more great stuff though, including this beautifully dirty duet (which is an obvious parody of the then-recent, as of 2007, Walk The Line biopic):


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