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Who will be Shot in the Middle Stages of the Zizekian Revolution?

In the first half of his remarks about Henry James’ The Wings of the Dove in The Parallax View, Zizek looks at the way James uses his long, winding, unexpected style to set a scene in a particular way. In … Continue reading

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Semprún en Buchenwald

Martín Schifino reseña la última biografía de Jorge Semprún (“Ida y vuelta” de Soledad Fox Maura) en el Times Literary Supplement (de pago), sin considerar la posibilidad de que Fox sea pariente del susodicho, que era nieto de Antonio Maura, … Continue reading

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A New Face in the Snakepit (15)

XV. Victory was an ambiguous concept, that Stalin always had trouble dealing with. He had been successful before: he had managed to escape deportation to Siberia for a second time, by becoming an informer and betraying his comrades; he had … Continue reading

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