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The true revolutionary position

In a 2015 lecture I recently saw, the philosopher Slavoj Zizek expressed his disappointment with the fact that two of his movies are called A Pervert’s Guide (to Cinema and to Ideology, respectively), saying that was not his idea, but … Continue reading

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Singapur, versión bancaria de Washington DC

Ya estoy de vuelta, cinco años y cinco meses después de mi partida a finales de 2010, en uno de los países más interesantes del mundo. Y eso que apenas tiene cinco décadas de historia. Escribiré sobre Singapur para Bloomberg, … Continue reading

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The One Thing To Know About Confucius and Houellebecq

People love to sprinkle discussions of Asia and Asian peoples with a touch of Confucius. In reality, even among old Asian hands and scholars, few can tell you much of interest about the old guy: he revered ancestors, he liked … Continue reading

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Natalia Ginzburg, ¿la peor lectora de la historia?

Natalia Ginzburg era intelectual. Si uno lee un poco sobre el mundillo artístico italiano del siglo XX, su nombre aparece por todos lados. Es la típica figura que firma un manifiesto contra recortes, está en una fiesta de tal director … Continue reading

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Love and Mercy is a pretty decent 2014 biopic about the life and struggles of Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys. It follows the conventions of the genre to a large extent, but tries hard to be different, often successfully. … Continue reading

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