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España, Franco y los Judíos (2)

(Viene de la primera parte) En Julio de 2013, Malcolm Gladwell escribió un interesante y engañoso perfil en el New Yorker de Albert Hirschmann, un economista alemán que, junto con el reportero estadounidense Varian Fry, ayudó a más de 2.000 … Continue reading

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España, Franco y los Judíos (1)

En 2013, yo era nuevo en Twitter y pensaba que en las redes sociales habría gente que se dejaría impresionar por argumentos eruditos: no sé, al menos uno o dos. Qué te voy a contar. Esta conversación es de entonces: … Continue reading

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Desigualdades durante el asedio de Leningrado

En “Los 900 Días,” un estimable libro sobre el asedio de Leningrado, Harrison E. Salisbury escribe a propósito de la hambruna durante el horrible invierno de 1941-42, el peor de los que sufrió la ciudad bajo asalto nazi: “Surgió un … Continue reading

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James Salter: The Writer’s Writer who betrayed all Writers (1)

When James Salter died in 2015, the consensus obituary went like this (my summary): A great writer’s writer passed away, much esteemed by his fellow writers, but little known by the general public despite the success of his first novel, … Continue reading

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Evelyn Waugh and Sword of Honour’s Ending

In 2001, the then-not-so-famous Daniel Craig was talked into filming a long TV movie based on the most underrated novel of the 20th century, Evelyn Waugh’s Sword of Honour. I recently watched it, and I highly recommend it to all … Continue reading

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Winning the Battle of Stalingrad with Biological Warfare

In his excellent Stalingrad book, Antony Beevor notes that the German army suffered an unusually high loss of manpower during the battle due to illnesses, with many soldiers incapacitated and cramming field hospitals for days on end. It makes sense … Continue reading

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A New Face in the Snakepit (15)

XV. Victory was an ambiguous concept, that Stalin always had trouble dealing with. He had been successful before: he had managed to escape deportation to Siberia for a second time, by becoming an informer and betraying his comrades; he had … Continue reading

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