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Winning the Battle of Stalingrad with Biological Warfare

In his excellent Stalingrad book, Antony Beevor notes that the German army suffered an unusually high loss of manpower during the battle due to illnesses, with many soldiers incapacitated and cramming field hospitals for days on end. It makes sense … Continue reading

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El Chantaje de Thomas Bernhard

Cuando era cinéfilo, allá en los 1990, frecuentemente aguantaba sentado, impertérrito, a ver todos los créditos después de haber acabado una película. Había leído que eso era lo que hacían los cinéfilos. Si los créditos suman unos cinco minutos por … Continue reading

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Slavoj Zizek’s Red-Inked Letter from the Left

The Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek may be the most controversial thinker alive: on the right, he’s commonly derided as a buffoonish Communist, one described by the popular conservative writer Theodore Dalrymple as an “Ideal Fraud” who hopes for the resurrection … Continue reading

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