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Why Ewan McGregor’s American Pastoral is Better than Philip Roth’s

Addition by subtraction is a common concept in, of all places, sports. Say, you have a team with a player who hugs the ball, is not a good team-mate, etc. Even if this guy is a good player at that … Continue reading

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Geli Hitler: A Munich Apartment

(This is a short extract from chapter 1 of my novel “Geli Hitler,” available here) Munich was a quietly-deranged city, a manic, provincial whore with her face smeared in paint, trying to look as petit-bourgeois as she possibly could. Maier … Continue reading

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Top 10 Misconceptions about Catalonia

This is a blog about propaganda, so it’s only natural that we look at how propaganda distorts current events, and the separatist crisis in Catalonia remains pretty current; as always, I will try to steer clear from politics as commonly … Continue reading

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How Zizek’s Theory of Belief Explains Catalonia’s Conflict

I’m a Spanish citizen smack in the middle of the Catalan conflict (my father is from Barcelona, my mother from Madrid) and I’ve found that a Zizekian reading of the current conflict over the possible independence of this Spanish region … Continue reading

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I’m sorry we spoiled your Catalan vacation

(Last edited June 6, 2018) Events Oct. 1 in Barcelona filled me with sadness. Hundreds of foreign correspondents, who had been looking forward to a long day of calmly strolling down one of the nicest cities in Europe, had to … Continue reading

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Why Slavoj Zizek Writes In Convoluted Sentences

(Updated Sep. 1) An oft-repeated reproach to Slavoj Zizek’s writings is that he’s impossible to understand. In fact, Zizek is sometimes held as an example of a decades-old trend of academic meaninglessness; for example, in this recent article, Nathan J. … Continue reading

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The Matrix, an explainer of revolutionary failures

In The Parallax View, Slavoj Zizek looks at The Matrix movies for an explanation of the failures of modern progressive movements. In his reading, the entire series–but in particular the first movie–represent a perfect description of the obstacles faced by … Continue reading

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