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Hollywood, the world’s top propaganda machine

The usual conservative objection about Hollywood is that it represents an unstoppable propaganda machine, sprouting progressive ideas straight into children’s vulnerable little heads. Slavoj Zizek makes good points on how that’s not exactly the way Hollywood works. But first, this … Continue reading

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Relieved to see Philosophical reflection, not the Axis defeat, led Trudeau to reject Fascism

The Times Literary Supplement reported, on 23.12.16, about the life and works of Pierre Trudeau, Democratic Father of Canada: “Pierre Trudeau’s library shows that he was a deep reader, first of Quebec nationalist writers and later of Hobbes, Laski, Jacques Maritain … Continue reading

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On the Use of Racism as Propaganda

(Last updated Aug 28, 2018) Racism is real like a tree is real. Racial slurs, racial agitation, all that is real. Like anything else, it can be manipulated for political gain; racist incidents can be invented and propagated, accusations of … Continue reading

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Top 10 Misconceptions about Catalonia

This is a blog about propaganda, so it’s only natural that we look at how propaganda distorts current events, and the separatist crisis in Catalonia remains pretty current; as always, I will try to steer clear from politics as commonly … Continue reading

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How Zizek’s Theory of Belief Explains Catalonia’s Conflict

I’m a Spanish citizen smack in the middle of the Catalan conflict (my father is from Barcelona, my mother from Madrid) and I’ve found that a Zizekian reading of the current conflict over the possible independence of this Spanish region … Continue reading

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Why Slavoj Zizek Writes In Convoluted Sentences

(Updated Sep. 1) An oft-repeated reproach to Slavoj Zizek’s writings is that he’s impossible to understand. In fact, Zizek is sometimes held as an example of a decades-old trend of academic meaninglessness; for example, in this recent article, Nathan J. … Continue reading

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Rebellion or Conspiracy?

The Cold War’s Operation Splinter Factor was a properly organized conspiracy, of the more common type: an intelligence sting. As explained here, it involved the U.S. using Noel Field, a well-known Communist mole of the Alger Hiss generation, to wreak … Continue reading

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