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On the Use of Hip-Hop as Anti-Communist Propaganda

Leave it to U.S. government agencies to come up with creative ways to undermine the enemy — like using rap songs and hip-hop culture to bring down the Communist regime in Cuba. In this fascinating story from 2015, Darien Cavanaugh … Continue reading

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How Gorbachev Ended Up Believing American Propaganda

The biggest question about Mikhail Gorbachev, the Soviet leader who essentially agreed to demolish the Soviet Union (*) is why. He took over in 1984 and, in less than the time-span of two U.S. presidential terms, the space-faring, globe-encompassing superpower … Continue reading

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Why Ewan McGregor’s American Pastoral is Better than Philip Roth’s

Addition by subtraction is a common concept in, of all places, sports. Say, you have a team with a player who hugs the ball, is not a good team-mate, etc. Even if this guy is a good player at that … Continue reading

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Be a Bonobo Who Loves Islamic Vikings

I came across the word “bonobo” for the first time over a decade ago. This African ape, media stories explained, was the gentle, pacifist, feminist relative of the chimpanzee. It didn’t take long before even the New Yorker, hardly a … Continue reading

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¿Cuál es la diferencia entre una revolución y un golpe de estado?

Un golpe de estado sólo se llama así (lo que supone un etiquetado negativo) si se percibe como contrario a los intereses de la ideología dominante; si es favorable, se llama “revolución”. Usemos un ejemplo cercano a un español como … Continue reading

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Art As A Beautiful Lie: the Case of “Fearless Girl”

It’s really hard to think of a more effective use of art as propaganda than the “Fearless Girl” sculpture in New York, which is being moved to the New York Stock Exchange. Fawning press coverage will have you believe this … Continue reading

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Hollywood, the world’s top propaganda machine

The usual conservative objection about Hollywood is that it represents an unstoppable propaganda machine, sprouting progressive ideas straight into children’s vulnerable little heads. Slavoj Zizek makes good points on how that’s not exactly the way Hollywood works. But first, this … Continue reading

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