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A Few True Statements on the Ukrainian Revolution

(If you can read Spanish, I just published a novel based on my experiences as a Wall Street Journal covering the Maidan revolution of 2014 and the subsequent war. You can have a look here or here in Amazon.) I … Continue reading

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This Picture Was the Turning Point for the Vietnam War 50 Years Ago

This picture, taken at the turning moment of the Vietnam war 50 years ago exactly, had a very significant contribution towards U.S. defeat: Stephen J. Morris explains: The classic episode (of media manipulation), one that had a huge effect on … Continue reading

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Defending Charles Martel from Haters

In the latest issue of the Times Literary Supplement, behind the paywall, in response to this article here:  

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Dante Alighieri, Bad Propagandist (2)

I’ve been reading the French-language series of historical novels Le Rois Maudits, which is excellent (and promoted in English version by George RR Martin: “This is the original Game of Thrones!”). In the third volume, “The Poisoned Crown,” Dante Alighieri, … Continue reading

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How to conduct a Roman-style conspiracy

That is, in the manner of the ancient Romans; not mine, of course. This post is a followup of this Spanish-language one, on the relevance of conspiracies throughout history, and the absurdity of rejecting all complex explanations for events as “conspiracy … Continue reading

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