Wedding Vows, 26th Century Style

In Revelation Space, a 2000 science-fiction novel by Alastair Reynolds, two of the main characters wed in a distant human colony on planet Resurgam. Dan Sylveste, the groom, has to identify himself first:

‘I am Daniel Calvin Lorean Soutaine-Sylveste,’ he said, using the form of his name so rarely employed that it almost took an effort of memory to bring it to mind. He went on, ‘The only biological son of Rosalyn Soutaine and Calvin Sylveste, both of Chasm City, Yellowstone. I was born on the seventeenth of January, in the hundred and twenty-first standard year after the resettlement of Yellowstone. My calendrical age is two hundred and twenty-three. Allowing for medichine programs, I have a physiological age of sixty, on the Sharavi scale.’

‘How do you knowingly manifest?’

‘I knowingly manifest in one incarnation only, the biological form now speaking.’

‘And you affirm that you are not wittingly manifested via alpha-level or other Turing-capable simulacra, in this or any other solar system?’

‘None of which I am aware.’

Yeah, I know you thought the 21st century pronoun thing was complicated enough!

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