The 21st Century Dystopia & Its Defining Characteristics

We live in a world that has Newspeak as in 1984, the novel, and safespaces with specifically Orwellian guides to correct speech and stuff

A world where dictionaries are constantly changed to address the needs of the ruling ideology, and make ideas disappear; and encylopaedias are closely patrolled by the ruling ideology’s guardians

Where Immanuel Kant’s books are only allowed to circulate if they include specific warnings that they contain dangerous, anti-regime material, and academic freedom is something that must be destroyed

Where wrongthink papers are retroactively retracted

Where the global monopolistic text search engine is manipulated to promote pro-regime views at the expense of anti-regime views, and works tirelessly to suppress dissident views and influence elections

In the Brave New World where Big Brother is not oppressive but cuddly

In a world where U.S. administrations insist on setting up artificial deadlines to do something their predecessors did FIVE DECADES before, and in which NASA is fully incapable of making a rocket, even after spending 17 billion US dollars in the endeavor

In a world in which meetings are conducted according to the methods devised by the predecessor of the CIAto disrupt meetings

In which the same CIA is in charge of helping create Islamic terror groups so that it later will have people to track down and murder

In which the same CIA sets up complex assault operations into foreign embassies to sabotage peace talks conducted by its own government

And goes on to plan further secret operations without telling the government, out of fear that the U.S. President will stop them, and officials are celebrated after they boast of openly lying to the President to keep illegal foreign wars going

And then creates algorithms that flag down people who should be murdered around the world, and hacks into every wi-fi capable device ever invented

In the Fahrenheit 451 world where books are censored and removed from circulation, or hidden, because they offend modern sensibilities, where dissidents are quietly expelled from public discussion and political activists vet academic papers for compliance with the ruling ideology, and then get those they dislike retracted for no obvious reason

In a world where mentally-unstable actresses of no obvious intellectual import are global celebrities who agitate about conspiracy theories and publish op-eds, and later fly 5,400 miles in a private jet to take part in a protest against carbon emissions; in a world where climate scientists actually are the most frequent flyers among any scientists

In the world where To Kill a Mockingbird is unacceptably racist, and the ACLU is in the business of censoring and banning books

In a world in which the self-mutilation industry is booming to the point that, between 2016 and 2017, the number of females seeking gender-reassignment surgery quadrupled in the United States

In a world where big business is investing heavily in an industry based on helping vulnerable people cause permanent harm to their bodies; or just kill them with legal drugs

In a world where blond people self-describe as native-American to improve their station in life, over and over again; a world where hate hoaxes, looking to paint all white people as inescapably racist, are almost an everyday occurrence; a world where only white people are considered capable of racism

Where the New York Times salutes the efforts of high-schoolers to go through the pictures and posts of their age peers to denounce them for racism and wreck their future careers. Where companies go broke because the CEO’s 14-year daughter made a supposedly racist comment 8 years ago

In the world where the European Union is engaged in massive pro-emigration policies devised by its forefather, who wanted to create a new European mixed super-race, supported by formerly Marxist parties led by upper-class, Ivy League types obsessed with guarenteeing a stable supply of cheap maids and gardeners for first-world billionaires

A world that closely resembles the mouse experiments conducted in the 1960s by American scientist John Calhoun, carefully designed to show the effects of over-affluence and idleness on mammal populations

A world dominated by an empire led by Catiline, bent on global rule

It definitely is a fun place.

About David Roman

Communicator. I tweet @dromanber.
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