Basic Propaganda in Action: A List of Russia Weaponizing things

(Updated Sep. 24, 2020, with a wonderful Charlie Sheen reference.)

Any form of media, by itself, is not propaganda: it’s just a means to deliver propaganda. Sometimes the delivery is well-crafted, serious, thoughtful, and sometimes we get U.S. Russian scare stories, almost all of which are laughably false and picked and repeated by the international press.

Check out this list of stories mostly from supposedly professional, literate, fact-checked Western mainstream media about Russia supposedly “weaponizing” (such a fashionable word!) things, including Photoshop, robotic cockroaches, ’the vaccine debate,’ incompetence, squid, Jedi mind tricks and tedium (and actor Charlie Sheen). McCarthyism was nothing compared with this modern anti-Russian obsession:

How Putin’s Russia turned humour into a weapon

   BBC, December 2018

Weaponizing an Economy: The Cryptoruble and Russia’s Dystopian Future

   U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC), November 2018

Weaponizing Religion: Putin’s Philosopher Ivan Ilyin

   Daily Kos, November 2018

The Russians Are Weaponizing Health Information

   History News Network, September 2018

Russian trolls are weaponizing the vaccine “debate” to divide Americans

   Big Think, August 2018

US Accused Russia Of Weaponizing Space Due To “Abnormal Behavior” Of “Mysterious” Satellite

   Raw Conservative Opinions, August 2018

It’s been 5 months since a Putin critic was found murdered in London, but almost nothing’s happened since — and Russia is weaponizing the silence

   Buisiness Insider, August 2018

Weaponizing hypocrisy, in Russia and beyond

   Columbia Journalism Review, July 2018

How Russia Is Weaponizing International Students in the New Cold War

   Alternet, June 2018

Weaponizing culture: “civilizationism” and nationalism in Putin’s Russia

   NED, March 2018

Vladimir Putin Outwitted Megyn Kelly by Weaponizing Incompetence

   The New Yorker, March 2018

Britain accuses Russia of ‘weaponizing information’ with 2017 cyberattack

   New York Post, February 2018

Is Russia Weaponizing The Giant Squid?

   Alltime Conspiracies, January 2018

The Weaponization of Tedium Is Putin’s New Strategy (Op-ed)

   Moscow Times, December 2017

How Russia Weaponized Social Media With ‘Social Bots’

   November 2017

Russia has weaponized the energy sector in war against the West

   The Hill, October 2017

Russia’s Facebook ads show how Internet microtargeting can be weaponized

   Cornell University, October 2017

‘Russia weaponizing Facebook’ is a tipping point for how much we rely on tech, says author

   CNBC, October 2017

Putin threatens the world with weaponizing terrorism

   Ukraine Military Pages, September 2017

Russia Has Weaponized Energy

   August 2017

Postmodernism Weaponized: Russia’s Assault on American Science

   American Council on Science and Health, August 2017

How Vladimir Putin weaponized the internet

   The Week, June 2017

Weaponizing Kleptocracy: Putin’s Hybrid Warfare

   Hudson Institute, June 2017

Shaheen Says Russia ‘Weaponizing’ NatGas, Calls for More Sanctions

   Natural Gas Intelligence, May 2017

Eurovision, Russia, and weaponized disability

   Euromaidan Press, March 2017

Russia Is ‘Weaponizing Misinformation,’ Says UK Defense Secretary

   NBC News, February 2017

‘Meet The Press’ Roundtable: Russia Weaponizing Intelligence; Replacing Obamacare

   Real Clear Politics, January 2017

Believe it or not: Western media uncovers Putin plan to ‘weaponize’ 14-legged squid

   RT, December 2016

Russia has weaponized the American press

   Vice, October 2016

Putin ‘Weaponizing’ WikiLeaks to Help Trump: Clinton Campaign

   Bloomberg, October 2016

Commentary: Hybrid Business — The Risks In The Kremlin’s Weaponization Of The Economy

   RFERL, July 2016

Putin weaponizing Judo by distributing 7 million free copies of his book

   SOTT, July 2016

Latvia Decides Putin Is Weaponizing Names – Bans Russian Names for New Babies

   Russia Insider, June 2016

Putin is Weaponizing Popularity: Newsweek is not Amused

   Off Guardian, June 2016

Migrant crisis: Russia and Syria ‘weaponising’ migration

   BBC, March 2016

UK Says Russia Weaponizing ‘Brexit’ – Russian Embassy Slams Charge

   Russia Insider, March 2016

How Russia Is ‘Weaponizing’ Migration to Destabilize Europe

   Bloomberg, March 2016

Is Putin Weaponising Stupidity?

   The Blogmire, March 2016

NATO commander: Russia ‘weaponizing’ Syrian immigrants

   World Tribune, March 2016

Russia Is Weaponizing Dolphins – Europe Quakes In Terror

   Russia Insider, March 2016

Russia accused of ‘weaponizing’ Syria refugees

   CNBC, February 2016

Russian Hackers Used Weaponized Word Files to Infect Ukraine’s Power Grid

   Softpedia, Jan 2016

Russian Hackers May Have Weaponized The Grid, And It’s Got US Intel Spooked

   Daily Caller, January 2016

Russian “Weaponized Default” Will Cause Financial Collapse Of Entire Western World

   Satu Insan, January 2016

Russia’s Population Is Being Weaponized

   RealClearWorld, December 2015

From commodification to weaponization: the Russian language as ‘pride’ and ‘profit’ in Russia’s transnational discourses

   International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism, December 2015

“Weaponizing” Federalism? Russia and the Debate on Federalism/Decentralization in Ukraine and Other Post-Soviet States”

   Ukrainian-Canadian Congress, December 2015

Weaponized AK47 NAILGUN – Russian Life Hack (vid)

   Youtube, November 2015

Russia is Weaponizing Culture

   Integrity Initiative, November 2015

Weaponized Default: Russia’s Ultimate Answer to Western Aggression?

   Russia Insider, September 2015

Russia May Soon Have Weaponized Robotic Cockroaches

   Modern Notion, September 2015

Russia Has Weaponized Its National Trauma

   ReadRussia, September 2015

Putin Has Weaponized Soviet History

   Newsweek, July 2015

WEAPONIZATION OF FINANCE: Russia is turning to the Chinese yuan

   Business Insider, June 2015

How Vladimir Putin Weaponized Russia’s Media

   Defense One , April 2015

Hearing: Confronting Russia’s Weaponization of Information

   Foreign Affairs, April 2015

Weaponizing Weather: Russia And North Korea Might Be Able To Control The Weather, CIA Allegedly Fears

   Inquisitr, Feb 2015

The Menace of Unreality: How the Kremlin Weaponizes Information, Culture and Money

   The Interpreter, November 2014

Russia Is Weaponizing Jedi Mind Tricks

   Vice News, April 2014

The Russians Have Weaponized Photoshop

   Global Voices, March 2014

Whistleblower says Russians got antigravity weaponized spaceships

   Lunatic Outpost, August 2012

Weaponizing the Russian language in Latvia again

   Thoughts From Latvia, December 2011


   International Law Journal, Summer 2010

More on Neo-Soviet Russia Weaponizing Psychiatry

   Publius Pundit, August 2007

This list was compiled here, where you can also find the links to the stories. To all this, let me add the alleged weaponization of Charlie Sheen by Russia, because Russia really really won’t stop at weaponizing anything, free people of the world.

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