A Plan to Create God (5)

My Kickstarter Creating God shut down, as scheduled, after a month. In total it raised $10, somewhat short of the $50,000 goal I had set. I remain intrigued by the project, so I don’t think this is the last you’ll hear about it. I enjoyed the limited publicity it received via Twitter, after somebody featured the project in a podcast about, shall we say, curious Kickstarter projects. There was this guy asking me in Twitter when the Rapture will start. That’s the thing about social media: you never really make a question to have it answered, just to contribute to the echo.

All the same, I hate it to disappoint, so here’s the answer, which I’m sure will prove unsatisfactory: as far as I can tell, never. That’s the whole point of my project, really.


About David Roman

Communicator. I tweet @dromanber.
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