Donald Trump Is Out To Purge You

“The purge” is a very intriguing movie. It presents a near-future America in which crime and violence have been essentially erradicated. There’s one unexpected catch: every year, there are few hours, a long night practically, during which no crime is forbidden. The movie depicts what happens one of those nights, when the dumb daughter of the owner of a fortified house decides to let in her boyfriend. Wikipedia describes it as a “social science fiction” movie, which I guess sounds about right.

There are plenty of coarse details, as one would expect from what remains a standard Hollywood production, but the story is intriguing on many levels. More so than the sequel, in which the coarseness takes over and dominates the plot entirely to the point that it resembles a slightly over-the-top Disney production for young adults (Is it? Why didn’t I notice?).

Most interesting of all, at one point in the movie one sees, in a large screen, one of the New Founding Fathers who saved America from destruction by instituting the annual Purge. Now, keep in mind this is 2013, well before The Donald declared any willingness to enter the Republican race for the US presidency. But one must admit the resemblance is uncanny.

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