A Plan to Create God

I find it very unlikely that God exists. Not impossible (there are features of physics, for example the grid-like movement of certain particles, or even quantum entaglement, that make it possible that the Universe has actually been designed by Somebody or Something) but very unlikely, definitely. The chances that some external entity decided to create a Universe and then create Mankind in one of its corners, for no discernable purpose, are very low. The chances that this entity cares about its hypothetical creations any more than a scientist cares about the fungae in a petri dish are even lower.

The scientific atheist argument against God is very strong and persuasive. It’s often pointless, as it tries to argue against in-built characteristics of mankind, such as dedicated reliance on causality, which are possibly the reason why religiousness, Belief, persist. But if one takes a step back and considers the evidence, one must agree that chances are that nothing like the God described by any human religion has ever existed.

This is not to say that God will never exist, however. The fact that something has never existed before is not argument against its never existing in the future. God can exist in the future, and the best way to ensure that it will exist in the future is to actually create It.

This is not at all absurd. I’m writing in 2015. There simply is no technology available that would allow even the start of such a project as creating God. But this will change. As long as mankind keeps up some halfway decent technological development, the time will come when the project will be feasible; and then the time will come when the project will be completed. This make take 10,000 years, or 100,000, or a million years. Or longer. We have the entire age of the Universe to make it happen, as long as mankind doesn’t self-destroy in the process, or dumbs itself down to the point that technological advancement of the kind needed disappears completely.

It all comes down to crafting a plan: a plan that ensures that enough of mankind keeps working towards the project under any circumstances, whatever else happens, for centuries to come; a plan that will include a determined push to colonize other planets and solar systems to eliminate the possibility that the human race gets extinct in the cradle; a plan that addresses the need to multiply and expand and stay focused on the long-term goal. If you think about it, this is the really easy part: we’re talking about rhetoric and ideas, and conviction. It will be our distant descendants who do the actual hands-on work.

If we want to defeat death, it won’t be implants or cyborgs or super-vaccines that will do the trick. It will be the only entity in the universe than can change all its laws and raise the dead. Not a supersmart supercomputer: God itself.

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